Book Love: The Covered Deep

Hold on to your hats, and brace yourselves! "The Covered Deep" a  d├ębut novel by Brandy Vallance is one wild ride filled with mystery, adventure, agony, and despair. Themes of grace and forgiveness are also intricately woven throughout.

We meet a cast of characters: innocent Bianca, mysterious Paul, worldy Madeline, crazy Tabor, and the rich man who starts it all: lonely Sir Adrian.

Bianca's ony hope for this adventure? Is to fall in love and get married. However, her quick decision to trust all will come back to haunt her. For love will come at a high price, and we watch Bianca step into womanhood with a new-found grace.

The story line kept me fascinated with its over the top plot, and dizzying layers of mystery. Vallance does a great job of absorbing the readers with tact, and skill. I couldn't put the book down!

Many thanks to the author for allowing me the privilege to read her novel in exchange for my honest review. You can also check my review out on GoodReads, and be sure to learn more about the author via her web site:

Her Joyful Countenance

My grandma was a pretty special lady. I remember two very distinct things about her. She was always joyful, and she loved the Lord.

Her home was very small by today's standards. I'm sure my house would have felt like a mansion to her. Nevertheless, she was always busy tending home. She cooked large, comfy meals. Cornbread, meat, beans, freshly sliced tomatoes, veggies, and usually a simple dessert to boot. Her home was always clean, organized, and homey.

Now, as an adult, I realize she had a pretty hectic lifestyle. A mother of seven children, and more grandchildren than I can count, her home was always a buzz. They ran a small farm, and kept farmers hours. Up with the sun, and early to bed. She helped take care of animals, and willingly cooked up things that I would probably snarl my nose at (think rattlesnake, rabbit, catfish, etc.). But, I don't ever remember her complaining. She often wore hand me downs, or sewed her own clothes.

Yet, she faithfully attended church, loved all us kiddos, and supported her husband. She never complained, griped, or gossiped. I think it was because she chose to be thankful for what she did have, and to simply live the life that God had given her.

I've been thinking alot about her lately. I wish I could talk to her and learn more about the things that made her tick. I hope that someday my own daughter can see the same joyful countenance through my every day life.

Book Love: A Hopeful Heart (Audio)

Wow! I don't even know *where* to start with this book. I had originally found an audio CD copy to listen to on my way to work. I ended up listening to it every chance I could. It really kept me on my toes! "A Hopeful Heart" wheels theft, attempted murder, arson, deceit, a web of lies, and tackles issues of tough love.

The main character, Tessa, heads to the west to find a new life for herself. There, she trains to become a ranchers wife by learnings the ropes: cooking, cow herding, assisting the ranch hands, and more. What she doesn't expect is to fall in love with the most unlikely candidate. But, it may come at a high price.

I found the characters real, likeable, and eventually wishing they could come to life and move to my neighborhood. I could see myself cooking up old-fashioned biscuits with Aunt Hattie, and getting into mischief with Sally.

Ahhh...I just loved this audio book. I also loved the voice casting. I'm interested in finding out more about what books she has done for audio covers. Five stars!

Evelynn's 4 Month Update!

We have had so much fun with Evelynn this last month! She's been so easy, and has such a sweet spirit. It's fun watching each new milestone as she passes them. :)

  • She started using her Bumbo seat this last month. She loves it! The first time I put her in there, she got super excited. It was pretty cute.
  • We introduced "Sophie" the giraffe, but she wants nothing to do with it.
  • She's holding her head up much better, and doesn't mind tummy time quite so much.
  • Still loves her wubba nub, swing, and listening to music.
Love you baby girl! :)

Book Love: The Story Keeper

What an incredible story...

Jen Gibbs has landed her dream publishing job, and left her painful past behind. But, when a mysterious package that includes forbidden works from the "Slush Pile" arrives, she is forced  to return to the mountain lands that holds dark secrets from her past.

As the story unravels, you will see Jen grapple for peace of mind while reading through the painful past of another woman long ago. An excellently woven tale that touts mystery, love, and taps into the age-old issue of prejudice.

At first, I had a hard time connecting with Jen, but rightfully so. She's harboring bitterness and pain from a childhood fraught with horror. But, as she reconciles with her sisters, she find healing in unexpected places...and the beginnings of love.

My only bone to pick? I just wish the story had lasted longer. I wasn't ready to set the book aside.

I am thankful for my free copy from Tyndale in exchange for my honest review. I give it a hearty 5+ stars! I'm looking forward to reading more books by Wingate.