The Tough Stuff

I love heart to heart talks with friends. The kind that require warm mugs of goodness, and afternoons of spilling the painful stuff. The things we struggle with and what we are doing to overcome obstacles in life. Those kinds of friends are very far and few between. It's something I've learned over the years and often have to stop and remind myself.

A recent topic on life found it's way around the dinner table. We were enjoying yummy food and silly talk, until I asked a random question. I wasn't prepared for the truth. A few answers gave me insight into dark passages. Passages I had no idea my friends have traveled. Passages no person should ever travel.

But, there I sat with information I could barely process. For some, it was broken marriages that are so shattered only a miracle can sew it back together. Hearts that have been so battered by ugly lies that it's a wonder it still finds rhythm to beat. Secrets that have kept them in bondage for years.

The truth felt like a ton of bricks.

There is no one easy answer. There is only the One who can hold them close and show them true freedom.

So this, this is something I have to share. If you too have known the dark and ugly of life, please know...maybe I can't really be there for you in person. But, I can tell you about the One that can. There is no wrong way to pray or ask for shelter from the storms of life. His promises ring true every day.

Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. John 8:36

And please, if you need help, please find someone to talk to. This web site is an excellent starting point for additional resources: Find Help

What's Your Go To Workout Clothes?

Boy, does pregnancy do a number on your self-confidence and body image issues. I know it’s for a good cause, but still, it’s tough on any woman.
Truthfully, I cannot wait until I can get back into the regular swing of working out. I may or may not be planning to dive back into my “healthy living” lifestyle that was pre-pregnancy. Last spring, I had lost quite a bit of weight and was only a few pounds shy of my wedding weight. I realize this time around it may go a bit slower due to workout restrictions, but that hasn’t dampened my dreaming and planning for “must have” workout attire!
Right now, I’m feeling pretty blah. My weight is obviously NOT a happy topic. It’s also been rough trying to walk on a regular basis, as I’ve struggled with cramping. I know that it’s normal, but it still scares me quite a bit. Another thing that I have learned is that stretching will go a long way! I can tell when I take the time to stretch and strengthen my muscles each day. I usually sleep better when I do (quite the achievement being 7.5 months pregnant). Stretching has also greatly reduced the number of muscle spasms that I was getting.
When it comes to workout clothes, few things in life make me happier than a pair of stretchy yoga pants or capris. They are so comfortable and versatile and Sweaty Betty has a great selection of them. I love that I can easily dress up the outfit if I need to make a pit stop before or after hitting the local walking track!
I’m also very partial to my Nike tennis shoes. They have served me well over the last year, and it’s about time I invested in a new pair.  Other investments that I will need to make are yoga shorts, and a sports bra. Thank goodness I have been earning a little extra with my blogging and Jamberry business! Ha.

So, tell me, what are some of your favorite yoga clothes to wear? Are you partial to a particular shoe brand? What kind of workout has helped you lose weight and get in shape?

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Bump-A-Date: 29 Weeks!

Today, I'm officially 29 weeks! Things are falling into place, and we have most of the nursery completed. It's mainly just finding a few things for the walls and a nice set of book shelves. So, here's a few random observations....

  • I've decided there are things no one tells you about pregnancy, because they know you'd think twice about it (haha). For me, it has been HOT FLASHES. They are ridiculous. I was in a wedding over the weekend and couldn't put my make up on. I was pouring in sweat, and of course I ended up in tears. Which brings me to the hormonal surges (I HATE THEM). UGH. I do not like being super emotional...just ask my husband. 
  • The pain gets pretty old. I've had round ligament pain, foot pain and hand pain...most of which is brought on by the swelling. I'm drinking lots of water and trying to walk here and there to help. But, man, I could leave this pain in the dust and not shed a tear. 
  • She is kicking up a storm these days! People keep asking if I can feel her yet? Ya'll, she's been kicking like a crazy woman since week 22. Not kidding! She really likes music, daddy's voice and sugar. All which seem to induce the karate chops. 
  • Last night, I finally started sorting clothes! Getting ready to wash and put them away. Eek!

A Life Update...

It's funny how life gets to be so busy, you can't seem to make since of what is going on around you. I really feel like I'm just living to get through the next big event these days. But, I just realized after the next two weekends, we don't have many plans! And the sound of sweet relief and relaxation sounds wonderful. A blessing, indeed!

Baby Evie received a wonderful report at the doctor office this week. She's growing right on track, and is proving to be *very* stubborn like...daddy. ;-) 'Cause I ain't stubborn, ya'll! Basically, we were supposed to get a 4D ultrasound, but she refused to cooperate. Also, can I just say how thankful I am for the world of medicine and doctors? I'm confident in the many choices we have already had to make as parents, and that is truly another blessing in disguise. I realize everyone has different opinions on this, but that's what makes us all unique. Now, we just have to tackle about 1.2 million other decisions for the next 18+ years! Ha.

I've been very overwhelmed with my new business venture with Jamberry. On one hand, it has been SO much fun. On the other, it has also been a HUUUGE step outside my comfort zone. I've already reaped awesome benefits, which has motivated me further. I'm very, very, thankful for the opportunity. I'm also blessed with such a FUN team to work with. These girls are amazing and have taken time to encourage me personally. I'm also thankful for the bloggy friend who have reviewed/shared my business. Ya'll rock!

Our season of trials is no where near over, and there are days we still just hang on. But, I will say, even with all that has been going on He has proven His faithfulness over, and over again. I was looking for an encouraging verse the other night, and I'll leave you with it, hoping that it will bless someone else, too:

Book Review: Dancing With Fireflies & Kindle Giveaway

I received Dancing with Fireflies by Denise Hunter from the kind folks at LitFuse! The story line peaked my interest, so I was excited when my copy arrived. If you enjoy traditional Christian fiction that deals with "tough" topics, I think you would enjoy it too.

Back in her hometown after a series of disappointments, Jade find herself pregnant and homeless. Finding a way to survive by living inside her mothers business and taking on a coffee shop job, she learns to stand on her own. Yet, with her due date quickly approaching, she's convinced she needs to find a husband and fast. The only problem? She has no desire to find true love.

So begins a riveting tale that deals with issues of date rape, forgiving others, and dealing with grief over the loss of loved ones. I highly recommend it!

Also, be sure to visit the giveaway going on and enter to win a Kindle HDX! Click image below:

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Dancing with Fireflies denise hunter

Many thanks to LitFuse and Denise Hunter for such a great opportunity.