My Favorite Mascaras

I really love playing around with make-up, especially mascara. Its my go to for days when I feel a bit blah. It finishes out your eyes, and can really make your look pop! I've tried dozens of brands throughout the years. Currently, these are my "top three". 

Scandal Eyes by Rimmell London... Hellllooo, fabulous! My new favorite. At $5 a pop, it's totally worth it. I'musing the dramatic black, and LOVE it. It's a very buildable, and non-clumpy formula. I hope they keep it around!

Lash Domination by BareMinerals... This one is a bit pricey at $22+. I liked the dramatic effect, and if you are a one coat gal, this would be a great option. If you prefer buildable mascaras, not such a great option. 

Falsies by Maybelline... This is another awesome go to formula for on the cheap. I think I paid around $7 for mine. It's not as buildable as Scandal, but it's a very thick formula. Awesome for quick application!

Are you a mascara girl? If so, what's your favorite brands? I'd love to hear (and) try them out!

Book Love: The Legend of the Candy Cane

Goodness, I love Christmas books! This little gem was an adorable surprise. The simple story, and meaning behind the Candy Cane come to life through the beautiful illustrations. I also loved that it's a board book, which will be perfect for sticky fingers in the years to come.

In the story, we meet young Lucy. She befriends a man who has been busy building things for his store. As she helps unpack boxes, she begins to find large jars! Soon enough, the man reveals what his store will be...a candy store! But, one of the candies she has not seen before. The candy cane! She learns the story behind the candy, and why it is covered with the colors of pure white and crimson red.

A lovely read for little ones, especially due to the colorful pictures. I think it would make a great Christmas tradition as well. Learn more about these books and more via BookLook! Many thanks to the publisher for my free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Evelynn's Five Month Update!

Here we are at five months! Craziness. This has been such a FUN month, and full of milestones. She is so alert, and aware of people now. She lights up around her grandparents, and especially her daddy. She's gonna be busy wrapping him around her fingers the rest of her life. I just know it. ;)

  • Has taken her rice cereal like a champ! And loves it.
  • Started sleeping nearly 8 hours every night! (Mama loves this...)
  • She enjoy toys, and holding stuffed animals. 
  • She likes to "chat" anytime we are in the car. 
  • Still loves to listen to music.
  • Found her feet!
Loving every single moment. It just goes by too fast. Hehe.

Free Printable: Hope As An Anchor

This verse has come to mean so much to me over the last year. Despite the circumstances that surround us daily (be it good or bad) we always have Hope through Jesus Christ. I decided to create a printable to frame  because I need this reminder on a daily basis! Feel free to download the printable for yourself. Just click here

Happy Friday!

Dreams Come True

The other day, I was in a pretty rotten mood. Just ask Josh. ;) Anyway, I was grumbling about some of the not so fun stuff that we had gone through. We both got pretty sick, which lasted for about two weeks. So plans were canceled, and we spent a lot of time at home.

And sometimes, when I spend too much time in one place, I lose focus and just see the negative. The house is too small, I don't like the way I've decorated, everything is falling apart, and so on. Even the town we live in was getting on my nerves. My grumbling continued down the path to no where good.

So, I do what I normally do when I'm in a bad mood and realize that I need intervention...I prayed. I counted my blessings.

That's when it kind of hit me that my dreams from youth had come true. He had given me what I wanted for so long, that I'd almost forgotten. Being a wife. A mother. A homemaker. We have a warm home, food in the pantry, and time to spend together. We have family and friends. A church to call home, and the freedom to worship.

What more could I possibly need? Nothing. I am blessed.

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