Just Like Daddy

It amazes me at how much she acts like Josh. And she's just nine months old.

Music? Check. Guitar? Check. Kung fu panda? Check. I'm pretty sure she will be obsessed with pasta, and her hair has his texture. When she laughs, it's the full face, hearty laugh that spells J O Y. I love it. I love watching her become her own little person, yet at the same time mimic behaviors of her parents. It's thrilling, and precious at the same time.

Evelynn's Eight Month Update!

I am so glad that I did these monthly updates! I was up last night thinking about how I wanted to catch up with her baby books. I'll be able to fill in all the informaton thanks to these little tid bits.

  • She's been army crawling and scooting herself around the house. 
  • She's started "dancing" when music comes on.
  • We've introduced tons of food. She's ate everything so far!
  • She gets super excited when she sees other kiddos. It's pretty cute.
  • When you say "big girl" she's gets excited and smiles really big.
  • She has "talkative" moods. She'll jabber on and on. I love it!
So in love with our girl. She's a sunshine!

Book Talk!

Man, I have been on a really awesome book kick. And baking kick. But, today, I'll just stick to the book talk.

A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers - This book came so highly recommended that I had little doubt as to how good it would be. And it was. The story of Rahab was by far my favorite. A simple (yet fictional) retelling of Rahab reminded me of a) how powerful our God is & b) how God can use ANYONE under any circumstance for His glory. No sin is too big for Him to cover. So thankful.

The only thing I didn't care for while reading A Lineage of Grace was the story of Bathsheba. I'm sorry, but her character (as well as David's) got under my skin. Too whiny.

Home is Where My People Are by Sophie Hudson - My blogging friend Michelle sent me a copy, and boy howdy was that like the best little gift (thank you SO SO much!). And I LOVED the book! Sophie Hudson was both hysterical, and poignant with her writing. It's like southern grits meets Tiny Fey for an inspiring story. ;)

The Rock Harbor Series by Colleen Cobble - I've only recently (within the last year or so) fell in love with Colleen Cobble. She is definitely one of my "favorite" go to authors for Christian/Inspirational fiction. She writes fantastic suspense novels with just enough flair for romance that it doesn't make you sick to your stomach. I read the first novel in one day, and read the second novel over the span of two days. I could NOT put them down.

So, what have ya'll been reading lately? 

Praying For The Persecuted

We woke up early yesterday. We got ready for the church, loaded the car, and picked up Starbucks on the way to services. The biggest worry we faced? Getting there on time. We enjoyed worship through song and scripture. We enjoyed fellowship with our church family, and went home to spend time with friends. It was a good day.

But, in the back of my mind the image of the 21 persecuted Christians kept surfacing. I kept thinking about the terror that their families are going through. I kept thinking how easy we have it as Christians in America. I kept thinking how scary it is to be a Christian in other parts of the world.

Persecution is nothing new. Even Paul, before his conversion, was active in persecuting the church of God. (Reference: 1 Cor. 15:9)

It's easy to become calloused to the issues. To get so caught up in the day-to-day grind that we forget about our brothers and sisters around the world.

I'm thankful for ministries that offer a call to action so that we can stand in the gap for the persecuted church. It's our responsibility to do so.

Pray: There are reports of Christians having to flee their homes during bitter winter conditions. Imagine having to live in tents all the while fearing for your life. The need is very real and happening now. Pray for endurance. Pray for the men who were persecuted recently. Their families are most likely facing unspeakable horrors.

Give: Thanks to ministries like Samaratins Purse, we can give financially. They provide food, clothing, shelter and support for families fleeing militants.

Say Informed: Keeping up with current events will help you know prayer points, and current conditions that the persecuted church are facing. Focus On the Family has a great article sharing more about the 21 Martyrs. Also, I believe Franklin Graham's ministry shares prayer requests on his Facebook page.

The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden

I was so excited to see this book available for review! I've wanted to start a postage stamp garden for a long time, but wasn't sure what the logistics should be. This book contains tons of information for the newbie like me. Here's a couple of things that stood out:

  • The book includes visual guides of how to plant your garden. Complete with layout grids!
  • Tips and tricks for what to plant and how to store each vegetable.
  • Tips for choosing the best bug control, etc.
  • There's even a chart on how many plants to plant per person (which has always been very confusing for me.)
Now, here's to hoping 2015 will be the year of a great garden for my little family. Many thanks to Blogging for Books for my free copy in exchange for an honest review.