Book Love: Home To Chicory Lane & Giveaway

I really wanted to love this novel, but I struggled with connecting with the characters. I didn't identify with any of them, so I felt a bit disengaged. However, the storyline was propelling enough for me to keep reading. While I may not have cared for the characters, I enjoyed the overall setting. 

Fall has arrived for the Whitman family! Grant and Audrey have used their retirement money to open their bed and breakfast. As they settle into their new business role, their youngest daughter, Landyn, comes home with a trailor full of furniture....and no husband in sight. Grant is fit to be tied when  he learns of his son-in-laws foolish decisions, and Audrey tries to keep the peace. A lot of drama transpires, and the whole family gets invovled. You'll read as their marriage takes a dive from bad to worse, and how they fight to stay together.

It's a slow paced novel with bits of humor woven throughout. I give it three stars. Many thanks to LitFuse for my free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Home to Chicory Lane Deborah Raney

Summer Simmer

Pondering...Remember this post? Well, then I read 1 Thessalonians 4:11 "To make it your ambition and definitely endeavor to live quietly and peacefully, to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we charged you..."  

Praying...For Christians in Iraq. I was reading Callie's post today, and was humbled by her reminder to pray for them.

Savoring...The last days of summer. Yes, even though my heart beats autumn, I have thoroughly enjoyed these last few weeks of summer. We've taken time to go swimming, boating, and even bought scrumtious shakes (Oreo!) last weekend.

Enjoying...Family time. I really love spending time as just a family of three. Funny how, we as parents, can be enteratined by tiny smiles and coos. I haven't tired of them yet. ;-)

Hoping...For some "down time". I need a pedicure, time to dye my hair (red!), and a little book shopping therapy. Any amazing titles I should check out?

Drinking...Iced Latte's with two pumps of Cinnamon Dolce. It has been my "go to" drink for the entirety of summer. Now, I just need to find my own bottle of cinnamon syrup to keep on hand at home. Yum! :D

What's going on in your world?

Great Grandma Eleanore

I love learning family history, and could spend hours pouring over old photos. This portrait that I have of my Great-Grandma's wedding is priceless to me. I wish she could have been at my wedding, but instead we displayed this framed photo at the guest book table. It was a small way for me to pay tribute to a woman who shaped my life in more ways than one.

She was a tiny little lady, but a bit of a spitfire. She was always talking, and playfully getting on to my dad. My dad likes to joke, and her response was always "Oh, Bobbyeeee",  and said with enough dramatic flair that it would make a southern woman proud.

Her home was a lovely three story situated on a pretty little spot in the suburbs. As a child, I always thought her home was a mansion, and her land went for miles. After visiting it as an adult, the home wasn't quite as big as I remembered it to be...nor the land. But, it was truly beautiful and I'm sure it has held its fair share of both happy and sad memories.

One of the things that stays etched in my memory is that she always served us sherbert in tiny little ice cream bowls. So, in my mind, her kitchen always bore the fresh smells of fruity concoctions! The funny thing is, her daughter--my grandma--always bought sherbert, too.

I remember staying in her home many times. One of my favorite memories was of falling asleep while reading a book (under the covers) late into the night. Her home was always clean and organized when we visited. Now, the decor? Was something else. I wish I had pictures because I'm not sure what era most of her furniture would have been from.

Her husband, well, I never got to meet him. He passed away before my dad was even born. But, his height has been passed down to my family. My dad and both my brothers tower over the rest of the family. I just wish I had got that gene! I'm pretty average at 5'5.

I wonder what my Great-Grandma would think of this world today. She seemed content with her old-fashioned ways...she never even learned how to drive! She probably would have lot to say about our social media driven society.

I'm thankful for that little lady! I cherish the little music boxes that I inherited, and will always display her beautiful wedding photo in my home. It reminds me of happy times in her home as a little girl.

Dear August

"The end-of-summer winds make people restless." -Faulks

August is to my fall what March is to my spring. A time of deep cleaning, renewal and rekindled dreams.

I love watching the weather change during this season. Late summer storms bring on hints of fall as the leaves swirl around, and the colors begin to change.

This August has seemed particularly charged. A bit much for my ENFP heart. I feel overwhelmed by everything around me. The world is a broken, shattered place in desperate need of a Savior to fill voids that have been left wide open.

Last year, I took the entire month of August off from social media. It was good. This year, I've had so many work projects that use social media, that I haven't had the privilege to do so. Instead, I figured I would spend the next few days keeping my calendar dialed down a bit. I want to choose simple and quiet over noisy and busy. Savor the coming fall. Ready the house for a season full of holidays and birthdays. Maybe I'll even bake a pumpkin pie. Just because.