He Cares

Last year, we went through a lot of tough stuff. A lot of it was little things, but as we all know, little things can add up to big things.

Our cars landed in the shop multiple times.
Our septic tank went out.
Our tv stopped working.
Our attic needed repairs.

On and on it went. It felt like once we tackled one project, something else would break. As soon as we paid off one bill, another crept up. We were also trying so hard to make life "perfect" for the arrival of Evie Grace (go ahead, you can laugh at that one...). It may seem trivial, but when you are paying out $$$$ that's a lot in just a few months time. It was stressful.

But, now, even as we face an entirely new set of trials, I see how "all things work together".

Because, during those times of "tough stuff" we realized that the only way we would make it through was to trust God.

It's amazing that He cares for us. Even in the tiniest of details.

I remember shortly after co-hosting a yard sale with one of my close friends, we sat down to count the money. We had both made a VERY nice sum.

Well, the very next day, my husband's car broke down. I remember hemming and hawing about how life wasn't fair, yadda yadda. That's when we found out the amount of repairs was for the exact amount that we had left over from our yard sale money.

He cares, and provides for every little detail. And for that I'll be eternally grateful.

Evelynn's 7 Month Update!

Here we are well past the seven month mark. Every phase has been wonderful, but I'll be honest, this stage has been extra cute (at least I think so, ha)! She is starting to communicate in her own little way, which pretty much melts us. Can you imagine that? Haha.

  • She said her first word: "Daddy" It sounds like Da Yay Da Da Da...
  • Really loves to play with stuffed animals.
  • Rolling over a lot more!
  • She loved opening gifts at Christmas time.
  • She's sitting up for longer periods of time, and loves to play with her toys.
  • She's eating more solids. Peas still tend to be her favorite.

She's such a joy! I can't wait to see what her next round of milestones will be. :)

Why I Struggle With Friendships

When it comes to friendships, I've been blessed with several women who've been part of my life for a very long time. They encourage me, spend time with me, and challenge me to better myself in many areas. I consider myself lucky that most of them live within a few minutes of my house. Because of that, keeping in touch is easy. 

But, when it comes to long distance friendships, I'm the worst. For some reason, it's pretty difficult for me to communicate on a regular basis. I've noticed that this trend has become even more difficult for me after our daughter was born.

Picking up the phone and calling someone makes me anxious. Honestly, I'm not sure why. I used to LOVE talking to people on the phone. But now, I feel discouraged by the idea. I think part of it is that it is very difficult for me to keep my attention on the conversation at hand. If Josh is in the room or if Evie is fussy I get distracted. So, I feel the need to be in total quiet before making phone calls. Which presents a predicament. 

I've also fallen out of the habit of keeping up with snail mail and yes, even e-mail.

Oh, and let's not forget about social media. I'd be the first to say I've fallen into the trap thinking that a "like" on Facebook is enough. It's not.

Truthfully, I just struggle with this area. A friend challenged me with a thought provoking quote, so I've been taking strides to better myself in this area. Thankfully, most folks respond with grace and understanding as their lives are hectic, too.

Am I the only one that struggles with this? I hope not.

Tips for Shopping Consignment Sales

I love shopping for baby and kid clothes. As soon as we found out we were having a girl, I got to work building her wardrobe. In hind site, I wish I had collected Newborn to 12 months. I mainly focused on newborn to 6 months. She's 7 months old and barely fits in 6 to 9 month clothes!! She was SO tiny when she was born that I just thought she'd be in smaller sizes for a longer time. ;)

Anyway, two of my main outlets for clothes have been Target sales (their clearance sale are AMAZING) and Duck Duck Goose. DDG is a large consignment sale that is held in our state. I found out about them when we were fostering a little boy several years ago.  I know there are tons of similar sales across the nation so this tips could work for any sale that you choose to visit. ;-) 

The first time I went to a large consignment sale I was SO overwhelmed!! Thousands of baby and kid items as far as the eye could see greeted me. Women were charging around the place as fast as they could dashing from one area to the next. As for me? I basically wandered around like a chicken with its head cut off. Since then, I've learned to prepare myself and my brain for the insanity. Now, I crave consignment sales to satisfy my inner frugal self.

Basically, I love a good bargain.

Here's my top tips for shopping Consignment Sales:

  • Go through your items to see what you need. This includes any and all children's items you can think of: clothes, shoes, toys, books, learning items, movies, etc. Make an itemized list!
  • I keep my list on my iphone. That way, I don't have to worry about carrying around a paper list. I also like to note specific brands that I like.
  • Find out which volunteer opportunities are available to get in early. This can include consigning items yourself, volunteering, etc.
  • Check out the map when you first enter! This will give you an idea of where you want to head first. Otherwise, you may spend too much time trying to find items.
  • Be sure to use the bathroom before you go, and keep a water bottle in your car! I was SO thirsty during the 2+hours that we spent shopping.
  • Check, double-check, and triple check all items. Make SURE it's something that you want and it's a good deal. Rarely are you allowed to exchange or return an item.
  • If you prefer brand name items they will go first, so head to that section before you do anything else.
  • Think ahead: Do you need Christmas gifts or birthday items? Consignment sales are THE place to get amazing deals on barely used items.
Are you a consignment guru? What are your favorite tips?

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