Pink Talk, Jamberry Nails & Money Saving Tip

  • See all that PINK? I think it's finally starting to sink in that  baby girl will soon make her way into the world! She's already pretty stubborn (sits on my bladder...since 20 weeks). And likes to kick like crazy when Daddy gets home. It kind of amazes me that she's aware of his voice!
  • The doctor informed me that at the NEXT doctor's appointment, we will be registering for the hospital. Cue my nerves!

  • I started a side business with JAMBERRY!!! It's super girly, fun and laid back. I'm affectionately calling it my "Diaper Fund" business. HA HA HA. Please, do me a favor and check out my Facebook Page? Yes, I know. Shameless plug. Forgive me? ;)

  • If any of you has a Kroger in your local area, you may want to check out their AWESOME milk deal that is going on. Right now you can get a....wait for it....FREE gallon of milk with purchase of three breakfast products (assorted options available). And since we love breakfast items around here, it was a total steal. They also allowed me to use a coupon with the deal! So I got three boxes of protein bars and a gallon of milk for $5! Um, yes, please!

What have ya'll been up to? 


  1. I've been seeing Jamberry pop up here and there. And plug away! both of my girls came at 41 weeks 1 day after I had to start talking induction. I'm so glad they finally came! ;) Those last days feel like an eternity!

  2. I'm starting to hear more about Jamberry, so I'll check out your page. :-)

    Yay for girls! That little girl is going to be very well dressed!

  3. One of my favorite things about having a girl is getting to dress her in cute, girly clothes! You will love it! I think I need to start a side business to fund my baby clothes buying habits. Ha! I've been seeing Jamberry pop up more and more (I hadn't even heard of it until a month or so ago) and I think they're so cute!

  4. We are waiting for the birth of our grand daughter any day ... so I can imagine how excited you and your husband are getting. I will be praying for you and the safe arrival of the wee girl that will love pink (and her dad and mom.)