Hello Yellow Birthday

Last year, for my birthday, I told myself I was going to do something drastic for my 29th birthday. Tattoo? Nose ring? Crazy colored hair streaks?

It rolled around, and what did I do? Nothing. Le sigh. Maybe next year.

Although, I have to say, being pregnant is pretty big, don't ya think? ;)

Instead, I bought myself a yellow rose, lemon creme cake, and settled in for some lovely sunshine (after days and days of grey). It felt good. 29 isn't so bad....I plan to keep this number from now on.

Have you ever done anything crazy for your birthday? Do share!


  1. I've never done anything drastic for any of my birthdays either. Although, I wish I had done something crazy for my 25th. Seems like one of the best birthdays to do that. ha!

  2. Let's see...? Something crazy on a birthday...? Nope, I don't think I ever have. ;) Though that's just the way I prefer it - I'm not a party person so quiet, family and maybe a slice of cake... that's pretty much as crazy as I get. ;)

  3. Happy Birthday! I say the same thing about being "29" every year from now on! ;-)

  4. Happy Birthday!! Hope you enjoyed your day!

  5. Happy Birthday! for me on birthday I always have a day of me.. which is usually a day of hot chocolate, window shopping, and a pedicure.

  6. Happy Birthday. Yellow birthdays are good. When is your baby due? We are expecting our first grandbaby in about three weeks. So fun.


  7. Happy Birthday!

    I don't do crazy things for my birthday necessarily. I'm more of a stick to tradition sort of girl. I save the crazy things for when I need a little boost.