Bump-A-Date...Half Way!!!

  • I can't believe I'm 20 weeks as of yesterday!!!! HOLY COW.
  • Our ultra sound went well this week-Baby Evie is doing great! She's a busy little bee.
  • I've been nesting like an insane person. I have great visions of a practially empty house and fresh paint colors on the wall. Big Honey Bee don't know 'bout that part. BWAHAHAHAHA.
  • I'm still craving citrus. Lemon bread, lemon cookies, lemonade, lemon water.
  • And all I want to do is be with Josh. Like, I miss him really bad throughout the day. Thankful he's my person. (=
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Aw, so sweet! Glad you - and Evie are doing well, Heather. Cute picture and post. :)

  2. Love the name. My mother-in-love's name is Annie Evelyn. I'm hoping one of my children will use the name Evelyn for their baby.

  3. yep your baby bump is perfectly adorable! ahh citris! I never craved citrus but craved watermelon like a crazy person.. i even woke up at 3 am and ate a whole half a watermelon.. at least it was healthy right? :)

  4. You look beautiful! So excited for you all :)

  5. Very fun! :-) I really like her name. Lemon cookies are delish, so craving them is perfectly except-able! ;-)

  6. Awww, I love her name! :) I'm so happy for y'all!

  7. Ow did I miss a name announcement?! :D
    I love Evie as a name ;)
    I thought time went sooo slow when I was pregnant, especially the last ten weeks. But now I look back on it and I just can't remember anything pre-baby haha!